Design question / photoshop effect


I have been trying to achieve an effect in photoshop for ages. I have checked out all turials but to no avail. I have no idea what the effect is called but I have a couple of sites that utilise the effect subtlely. It is the dirty, cement-like effect, almost like an unfinished painted wall. (the front page) (the background of the pages) (see the images)

Any help will be great. Referral to tutorials etc…

its a filter. go to Filter, then Noise. you should find some things like dust and scratches and grain. just mix those up, and you should get the effect :wink:

It is more then a filter. Welcome to the wonderful world of Grunge It for the most part is “Grunge Brushes” (which can be found with a simple google search) combined with Gradent Fills, Patterns, Filters, texture overlays, and images. There is no one way or thing used to create these effects. You cna do them hundreds of ways. Look for Grunge tutorials and get a good supply of grunge brushes and then play around.

hehe, grunge master sintax comes to defend grunge’s honor! :stuck_out_tongue:

seriously tho, he’s right, but for starters, you CAN use replode’s way too :slight_smile:

when you get more into it, try sintax’s way :slight_smile: Grunge is not easy to master… or… not easy to get to look cool :slight_smile: I tried, believe me, I suck at grunge, I’m more of a pixel art guy :slight_smile:

Once you play around with it you will get good quick. I jsut wiped this up in about 10min to show u most of the effects u see are easy to figure out.

hey! maybe this one will help you

Check out sintax’s site ( for some really good grunge work… Get some inspiration and ideas from there!