How to do this effect?

hello eyeryone.

I want to know how to do this effect in photoshop. the navgation effect.

please check out my attach files.

Thanks a lot.

the red part of the black marble looking stuff?

I mean the black navigation effect.


the link is here:

I only want to know the image effect .not flash effect.

whoa, dope site with the red drop, too bad I can’t read a lick of cyrillic anymore, I love the splash page with the red/black

I think it’s two layer for the marble look with the gray on top slight bevel and just a grunge brush to take away / erase the mask.

grunge, B4 you ask how to do grunge please do a search in the forums and go to the nice tutorial site that K has provided for everyone

Like Simp said, you need grunge to create that.

You can make your own grunge brushes or you can download brushes from all over the net. Then you make your selection of the black nav bar and slowly click around the edges using a brush to get the grunge inside the black part perfectly.

Of course you knew that though :).

:lol: AAAAAAAAAAAhahaha hahaha hahaha “Simp”


can you give me some tutorials links.

or like that tutorial :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha my footer is pretty much really easy to do. Lots of applying effects and lighting to get that. Dunno why it took 30 minutes to make it though :huh:? Lol :P.

Not trying to self promote/spam but here’s a tutorial made by me on how to create grunge brushes:

All you have to do is click to apply them on graphics :D!

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wow. cool tutorial.

why not found it yesterday?:frowning:

Thank you very much. :}

No problem :).

the link is here:

holy cow im gonna have nightmares tonight after going to that site shudders