Desperately Need Help!

Hi everyone,
Ok, i posted this problem before and i had some ppl help me. It kinda cleared the problem… but didnt. Im going to try and explain it better this time.

Lets say i got “New Document” and i have the W = 30cm and the H=30cm and the resolution is at 72pt pix/inch. Now when thats done, i use the ‘crop tool’ to get the exact size of how i wont the background to be of my graphic/website. But for some reason, when i use to the ‘type tool’ at lets say 14pt… it’ll make the cursor go EXTREMELY small and type so small i can bearly see. Even 72pt is too small… I’ll have to go to like 1009.3pt to get the equivelant of a 14pt (when the settings are normal)

How can i fix this so the settings are back to normal? So if i want to type something thats 14pt… it’ll be 14pt… 16pt will be 16pt and so forth. I dont know why its doing this hey… But i cant continue my work unless this is fixed… Can someone PLEASE help me…

Also… When i check the canvas size after creating the new doc… its like 1000cm by 1000cm… and if i change it to 24cm by 16cm… it’ll go TINY as… like 2mm by 2mm… ??? like what the???

Can someone ppplleaasseee help me.



firstly, click the zoom tool and then press ‘actual pixels (or size or whatever it’s called)’
when you were talking about resizing the canvas… (from 1000 down to 24) it retains its level of zoom, so of course it will look small… again, just press “actual pixels”

not sure about the font issue - it’s either your zoom or your dpi (which should be 72pixels/inch btw <-- make sure that is right)

Make sure it says you are viewing at 100% at the top of the little window.

I think your problem is the resulution of the document =)

The standard resultions are… 300dpi for print and 72dpi for screen graphics. :thumb:

Try that :beam:

  • Soul :s:

I have tried the ‘actual pixels’ before and that didnt work… The screen view 100% as well…


I know guys its a really weird problem hey…
Should i just re-install PS6?