PLEASE HELP! I dont know why its not working

Hi there everyone,
I have this problem… For some reason in photoshop 6, if i use the “text took” and wanna write something. The cursor goes REALLY REALLY small and my writing is TINY!! Even if i use a 72pt!!

My dad used it last and i have no idea what he did, he doesnt kno either… Could someone PLEASE help! Its seriously frustrating me.


When you go to File/New Document or whatever and it brings up the document settings, check the resolution. The standard is 72 pixels per inch I believe.

Either that or you are creating a document larger than the viewable area so Photoshop is scaling it down. If that is the case go to View/Actual Size or whatever its called. I don’t have PS opened at the moment to see exact names, but you get the point :wink:

Whahahahaha i hate when my dad does that to…
I have no qlue how to do some thing about that…
I just reinstall the progamm. Don’t you know that there is a new version of photoshop. 7.0

T-O: Check my last post, could any of those been the solution to your problem?

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Just like Lostinbeta said, change the resolution of the document. Here’s a picture to show you how to do it exactly if you don’t know what were talking about :stuck_out_tongue:

Just look in the center of the picture. You might have to maximize it if gets smaller.

Thanks heaps guys,
it was the resolution, the document size was too big and PS was adjusting to it. So yeah, problem solved :)… THANKKKSSS GGUUYSS!! :slight_smile: Champs…

Keep up the good work!


Im still having trouble with the resolution hey, its working fine now… kinda… But there is some settings that have been changed.

if i wanted to use 14pt … the cursor is the size of a 72pt but writing a 14pt.


Lets say i go to ‘new document’
change the width, height to 50cm… and resolution to 72pt…
Then use the ‘crop tool’ to get the exact size of the document i want… The crop tool will only allow me to drag diagonally… not horizontally …so if i were to make the shape of lets say ‘a think rectangle… 2cm in H and 20cm in W’, it wont let me. And then… after cropping it… the cursor STILL goes really really small which writes tiny… even if its set to 24pt…

Do u think i should just reinstall PS? If i reinstall it… will it affect any of my work saved??