Photoshop problem

hi crew,

i have a slight problem with Photoshop 7 that’s just driving me nuts! :h:

here it is…
I opened Photoshop 7, made a new file, lets say, 500px X 500px. Magnification was set to 100%. My background is Black.

Now everytime I use the Text Tool to type text using, for example, ARIAL 12pt, the font size is extremely small! So I changed it to 13pt, and the font size was still small!! It was as if i’m using a 5pt font or smaller.

And the only way to get it to a readable size is to set the font size to about 72pt…yikes!

What is the problem? I’ve also tried restarting my computer!

cadmiumgreen :ear:

I don’t think this would be a correct forum for this thread. Should be moved to Drawing and Design

Are you viewing it at 100%?

Could it be the resolution?


Go to window > character.

Make sure your settings are like so. Don’t know if this is the problem though?

when you start a new file, and in the window where you specify the size, make sure the resolution is set to 72dpi and not 300dpi. 300dpi is default size until you change it.

Yep - Unflux got it. It’s probably that :).

thanks unflux and others who helped out…