Did I just get screwed?

This isn’t that big of a deal but it does seem to irritate me. Here’s the story:

I filmed this horse show (yes a horse show) where people brought their horses to be judged. Long story short, I filmed it and spend several days capturing and converting the videos to a DVD. Several people paid me and went without a hitch, but this last person sent a check but asked not to deposit it until after October 31st. Well I deposited it this past weekend (November 2nd) and I checked my online statement today and I see this on my account:

“Deposit Reversal - Check Returned”

And it shows up as a debit off of my account for the amount of the check, $50, and also has a fee called " Deposited Item Rev Fee" for $15. So not only did I lose the $50, but I also got charged $15 for whatever the ***** did to the check. If I read these comments correctly, it seems like I deposited the check, and the issuer of the check either canceled/stopped payment and then got the money back. I know $65 isn’t a lot, but for the work I put into it and the fact I don’t even have a full-time job just doesn’t seem fair.