RANT: Dont ever use hotels.com...EVER!

Dont ever use hotels.com

So I was planning on booking a hotel room for the opening Patriots game. Its a thursday night game that starts at 9:00PM and Foxboro stadium happens to be a bit of a drive from my house. Considering me and my buddies will be tailgating all day long drinking lots of beer then watch the game drinking even more beer, it would be a good idea to get a hotel in the area for a night.

So I find one pretty close. I found their phone number. I give them a call. I find a room FOR $225!!! for the night. Whatever its worth not getting busted by cops or crashing. So we go through the motions. The lady I am talking to had to be the rudest chick on the planet. Anyhow, she asked me for my card number. I just finish giving it to her when I ask if It would be charged now or when I check into the hotel. She said It would be charged now.

I then told her that I would not be able to complete this now because there was not enough in my checking to pay for the room now and go for the next week and a half before i got paid again. She got real rude about it but said that my card wouldn’t be charged then raved for a bit about loosing the commission.

Jump ahead over the weekend.

Monday last week. I go to buy a coffee at the 7-11 on my way to work and my card is declined. Interesting considering how I had a couple hundred dollars in my checking. So I go to check my account on the website and low and behold my card was charged $225 by them bastards at hotels.com.

Here is the kicker.
My account is negative $-300

Lucky for me after that $225 charge and a few of the charges that were posted brought my account to zero. My bank charges me $35 for every item charged at a zero balance. I use my debit card for everything. I buy gum, I use the card. i just hate cash.

So all of these charges are flying in because they take a few days to get posted. Each with a $35.

So I go to the bank and write a check for 2K to plop in the account and stop this madness. By the time it cleared I was -500 some odd bucks.

So I call hotels.com every person there was rude. I flipped out on the first five. They agree that they charged my account in error buy mysteriously couldnt figure out what rep had charged my card. f-ing douche.

So ten there is the $500 + dollars I am being charged because of all this. Its been over two weeks of faxing, scanning, emailing, calling hotels.com going to my bank getting notarized letters to straighten this out. Hotels.com did everything in thier power to not pay back the charges I incurred because of thier mistake.

so I call my bank again am on customer service again when the lady tells me that citizens is going to eat the charges. Which is cool but I went through hell to get to this point. They said anyone that would do this much legwork was clearly not trying to rip them off.

So after this whole thing I get my money back but Hotels.com is a scumbag organization that has the worst customer service on the planet

End: Rant

Sounds like someone needs to pay a little visit to hotel.com HQ. :sure:

But thanks for the heads up.

Man, if you could channel all of that hatred for Hotels.com into Web Design, you’d become a force to be reckoned with… :wink:

aye… hotels.com =:td: gotchya

I don’t leave my room so it’s not a problem :wink:


ha ha…maj :lol:
How did I know way back in my dome you would chime in with something like that :crazy:

I hate most customer service reps. Some are nice, but just haven’t been trained to handle my problem. :frowning:

that sucks… at least you got it all back eventually… :confused:

Usually if you pester them enough that’ll happen. At least until that starts happening a lot. Then you’re screwed…

That sucks Fester :m:

but I’m glad you worked it out :thumb:

what I do:
… after having some mishaps (mishaps ? yeah-right)… deliberate accidents like that happen to me I’ve gotten in the habit of not letting a day go by where I don’t check my account online for any little oopsidents.

At the first sign of an unauthorized charge, I don’t even bother talking with the idiots that didn’t understand the “NO” in the first place… I’m on-it with the fraud/dispute form with my bank and they usually defray any charges associated with the transaction in question until all is resolved.

My logic to the bank is that I gave those bozo’s the numbers for reference/reservation only - in good faith that they would not process any charges - and that their disregard of my wishes can only be interpreted as deliberate and equal to theft and therefore not worthy of my time.

…works for me

as soon as someone (business or call center) is rude to me on the phone I’ll either come up with an excuse to end the call or just hang up…

if I was there in person they wouldn’t be so rude so why should I put up with their c**p just cause I’m on the other end of a phone.

Way to go, Fester! You make them pay!! :evil: Kind of reminds me the troubles I had when I closed my account at the BNP. They told me ‘Don’t worry, we’ll transfer the money’, which they did, but what they didn’t tell me is that they transfered it to an internal BNP account :huh: Took me nearly 6 month to get it back…

if I was there in person they wouldn’t be so rude so why should I put up with their c**p just cause I’m on the other end of a phone.
That’s because you’re not French! People are rude here no matter what :thumb:

seems there are quite a few people who have unresolved anger. Although I think the hotel.com person wasn’t in the right, please dont start getting angry at all the other people (receptionists, call center, telesales…and all the other people on the other side of the phone). I used to be a receptionist for a while, and alot of people blame me and got angry at me, when I are just trying to do my job. One lady yelled at me, because I sent her through to a person who wasn’t there. There were over a 1000 people working there, how am I supposed to keep records of where everybody is. Then of course I am now p***ed off, so the next person who calls gets it. Its not an easy job. And on top of that, we have to be all nice about it. You guys get to swear at us, and all we can do is: Yes sir, thank you sir, please hold!

yeah, but it’s US loosing money :wink:

btw, you say you yell at the next caller if the first one pisses you off. With that said, we have the right to yell at YOU, if someone else pisses US off.


there’s nothing worse than working with the public…

I’ve had several jobs in shops and can say that the public suck, some questions I’ve been asked include

a camping store customer looking at a compass asks “Does it work in doors?”
No, the magnetic polarity of the globe is different cause we’re indoors you f*g idiot.

in a jewellers, customers ask “Do you sell watches?”
No, the window you just walked past full of them is a lie, we like to trick people like that

in a shoe shop people always ask “Is this all the shoes you have or is there more?”
Yeah we got hundreds in the store room we just don’t show them cause we don’t wanna sell them…d**d


Oh it’s hour 20 of my work day and as my rant post states… it’s not going well. this was just the post I needed to end the day on a smile.

thanks Ethan :thumb:

Eilsoe:Haha! How about you dont piss me off in the first place then I wont yell at the next caller!

see? It’s an evil circle :evil: