Did you about the Flash designer who ran around town naked?

He was trying to make a scene.

oooouch… that was terrible


Thank you. Thats the beauty of it.

I really think that this post should be moved to the bad joke section of Random.
This one actually hurt me. Ouch is right!

There once was a man from Nantucket who had a horde of Flash Designs in his bucket, then one day this same man came to say; I can’t phigure out the preloader so
---- --!

ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…i get it.

what a waste of my bandwidth and time.

boy, you are testy these days my friend. :slight_smile:

you and eyez should get together and go beat someone up. :lol:

Well I heard that this really happend. :wink:


why me? i never beat anybody!? except little upu’s… :slight_smile:

finally some fun again!

(phil, where are you? get t7 outta there for the rest…)

i want to beat someone up!!!

i feel your pain. I always have this built up tension, and my roommate always seems to make it worse. He says the most annoying @#%$. but i guess i’m a big @$$hole to him too…but whatever. get a punching bag…it helps alot.

now i’m pist cuz i can’t go out now. I was supposed to go out for my friends b-day but i’m sick and dying.

I’m just kidding eyez… it is only that you take such a short temper with people for things which you have ever right to, like the misnaming of thread titles. :slight_smile:

That frellin insect still cracks me ip everytime I see it. Try this; Make it so when someone does a mouseover and brings the insect over the tip of the nose that a tongue comes out, and snaps up the insect into the mouth;

that idbe cul

lol… yeah that would be cool… though sometimes the best works of Flash are simply what they are and nothing else. I will be endlessly amused by that signature.

Haha! That was pretty funny. I showed this joke to many of my friends in my Internet Publishing class and they thought it was funny also :wink:

i showed it to no one and they also thought it was funny…

so much for humour…

btw (i did crack a smile when i saw this joke) did you make this joint up? pretty spazzy

So did anyone tell the naked guy to just press F8? Ima curious guy on that one.

The Oblivious, who still thinks the joke sucked

Tough crowd ehh thor? :slight_smile: In my Internet Publishing class, even the most ridiculous can make us laugh; kinda is funny if you are bored out of your wits hehe