Digital Resume' Tell me what you think

Tell me what you think

Dear God some one tell me why my site sucks and what can i do to fix it, give me some sugestions!!!

the imagery is great, impressive resume, but it’s boring. i suppose it’s good for an ‘online resume’ and if that’s what it’s for then it’s great. but as a website that people would actually want to go to it sucks because there’s no subject matter. there’s nothing to ‘do’ so to speak. if you wanna see a site with a little ‘pizazz’ you can check out mine.

Hmm, I didnt like the skills section at all. The bar graph is too misleading…You should just name the programs that you are proficient with, you could make your whole resume series just one page, when people see that you have more buttons to click, youd think of a lot of stuff, the only thing worth really having its own window is the work experience. Nice structure to the site, just needs some more content, keep cracking at it


I would pull the Profile section. It can only hurt you.

Objective should be listed first. Then, Work Experience and Skills followed by Education.

I’m with skasif11 on the graph chart.

I would put my contact info some place where it is showing all the time.

Hope that helps.

top was a bit pixelated, not sure whether you meant to to that or not, but i didnt like it much

resume didnt feel like workin for me