Site check

I guys can you tell me what you think about my personal site?
Thank you in advance.

im no expert… but i like your design but kinda hard to read those fonts


You site is excellent from a professional standpoint. The graphics and transitions are sweet.

My only suggestion would be to tweak your sound effects slightly. Some come across as cartoony and that seems to draw away from the professional/techie image you are portraying.

Pretty good over all. At some points you have way to much stuff flashing at a rapid rate, it hurts the eyes. Loved your resume section. The bars with how much exp you had in each subject. On your boarder pannels your strokes are a little to big. Liked your work section to that spining wheel was a good idea. The only other thing I could think of is mabye add a little color. Some a gray blue or something to appeal to the eyes. Great site over all :slight_smile: