Director 8 - anybody use it before?

Ive heard alot of good things about the software - but dont know a darn thing about it.

What does it do mainly?

Any advice before i go out and buy it?

check out the free trial before you buy. it’s totally different from flash. more powerful in some ways, more complicated in most ways.

Director is mainly used for offline production…was, i should say…like cd-roms, as it lets you work/animate with uncompressed media like video, sound and bitmap. It’s starting to become big for online 3d with the 3dsMax exporter to Shckwave, trouble is, the plug-in takes a lot longer to download and doens’t come with the browser setup like Flash, so not many people bother…
It’s a very good software, the programming language (lingo) is much more powerfull than ActionSript (but a bit harder to learn too, basics are simple, and you get some drag’n’drop scripts ready for use, but still…).
What would you use/need it for?

Do you know places where I could find tutorials about Director ?

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yeah… i really could do with some help on that!


TDF its in french

Sorry TDF…
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