What's the difference...?

I am not sure but i’ve been sseeing your site people and the flash are really kool, although i use Director 8.5 taht’s they teached me in college, can any one tell me what’s the difference between flash and Director,
I know taht Director is for presentation and Flash is for animations, but how is taht different if they are both same way to use…??

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well people jsut pls answer that’s all cause i am trying to get used to with flash, i jsut need to know where the butons are and everything btu tell me what’s the difference…

Thank YOu…

Hey there,

I don’t use Director, so this is basically going on the word of a friend… but anyways:

Director is generally speaking more used for multimedia application, and isn’t specifically geared towards the web (although it will work just fine). So, it handles 3d a bit better than Flash 5(although maybe not mx… I don’t use it) among other things.

Flash is geared towards making small file sizes, animations, and coding interactivity. It’s a good way of making a web site because with actionscripting you can interact with a backend/middleware, make interesting effects, and generally give a better user experience.

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Thank You
so i guess i should use Flash for website right?

Thanks a lot man.


If you’re more familiar with director and don’t know flash very well, I’d suggest sticking with that you know. If you know them both, or are willing to learn flash… then I’d say to go with Flash.

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director is like a REALLY advanced form of flash. flash is mainly for web content, whereas director makes enhanced cds, installers for some games, etc. director can also do 3d pretty well (definitely better than flash) and can also make use of microsoft controllers (like Sidewinders). director’s a pretty powerful tool, as well. it can control more than flash.