Disable right click using as

is it possible to diable right click menu using just actionscript in a .swf ? I know if i use** <param name=menu value=false> **in the html it will disable the right click menu but… i am just using the swf and wanted to knwo if it is possible to disable right click menu without using html…thanks

The most I know you can do is go to File/Publish Settings and click on the HTML tab and uncheck the “Show Menu” checkbox.

That only minimizes the context menu to “Settings” and “About Macromedia”

by unchecking “show menu” tab all it does is add this tag
** <param name=menu value=false> ** to the html page

Stage.showMenu = false

that does it… :slight_smile:

ahmed: That does the same thing as unchecking the Show Menu checkbox or adding the param tag in the HTML.

yep… he asked for the action that does it though :slight_smile:

is it possible to diable right click menu using just actionscript in a .swf

He edited it. I swear it didn’t say that when I read it.

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shut up lost… i was right :stuck_out_tongue:

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yea sorry about that i did edit it… i had used > < the forum doesnt show that… coz it assumes thats part of the html…

and by the way… that helped… thanks guys

hmm…where to uncheck the show menu in dreamweaver?

You don’t do it in Dreamweaver.

It is in Flash under File/Publish Settings so that when you publish the HTML file it adds the param tag to the script it publishes. Or you can add the param tag (posted in first post of this thread) manually. Or use Stage.showMenu = false; on a frame in Flash.

ah…alrites…THanks alot!