Hidin' the "right-clicking-menu"?

The title speaks for it self … :slight_smile:

I dont want the right-click-menu to be in my movie when u rightclick :S

is this possible ?

regards, soma

in the publish settings, html tab, uncheck the display menu box. that’s all. Only when you publish the movie as html too.

Actually the better method is:

stage.ShowMenu = 0;

You won’t have to go through all that publish stuff. If someone finds the .swf link, and you didn’t add this code, they can still zoom in whether you published as menu or not.

This code will make the movies menu minimized and un-controllable :).

moved this to flashMX, its not really a dd kind of question.

where should I put that piece of code… and is that all thats need to be ?.. it doesnt seem to work :S

plz help me out here… im a bit of a noob :O)

just put it in your timeline. im sure it’ll work. :slight_smile:

It didnt work :frowning:

place it in the first frame of your timeline, which would be a frame action. (eg, make a layer called AS, click in the first frame of the timeline in that layer, press f6, click on the keyframe that was just created in that layer, go to actions and add stage.ShowMenu = 0; to the actions window.

Run movie and when right click should only show “about flash player”.

Soma - make sure you copy and paste the code into the MAIN timeline of frame ONE. Then, when you right-click, only settings and about flash player will show :).

sorry guys… :frowning: it wont work.

I’m using flash MX 2004… thats not the problem, is it ?

Select the first frame of your timeline and open the Actions panel. In the Actions panel insert this:[AS]Stage.showMenu = false;[/AS]

There you go! This is basically a recap. of what everyone else has been telling you.

Oh you should’ve told us that you were using 2004! No wonder. 0 is no longer false in 2004.

God everytime I try to help I always end up giving the wrong information :(.

^Thats because they haven’t given the right info to start with :wink:

I mean, you couldn’t use telepathy to tell Soma was using MX2004 :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, that should work dandy Soma, get back to us.

:slight_smile: Yea I guess so.


Thread should be moved to FMX2004.

ah sorry guys/girls had no idea this was a mx2k4 question, if you had mentioned that i would of moved it there, next time just post flashmx2004 questions in flashmx2004 thread.


is it possible to detect the right click when the context menu is disabled?

I don’t have MX2004 myself but i’ve seen tutorials where you can completely get ride of the menu itself and also where you can change the right click menu so it has your own right click tabs which sounds pretty cool… check this link out http://www.peachpit.com/articles/article.asp?p=102024

Hope i was some how helpful

Oooops… sorry guys. I should have told u that I use 2004 in the first place, and thx alot for the help, codes and links. I should be able to figure it out by now :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about it Soma - but next time tell us what you’re using so we don’t give you false information :P.