MAX5 or Maya?

my friend and my self just got into an argument over what is better, Maya or MAX. I say MAX hey say diff. He also said ask any 3D artist so i am!=)


I love maya because you can learn their software for free =) Plus someone had to vote Maya first lol =)

Mdipi I’m glad you asked this because this has been on my mind lately also. I look forward to seeing what people think.


Maya = better for modelling
Max = better rendering
Lightwave = best of both worlds

My preference is Max because of the interface and animating!

i like 3ds max 5 more but, Maya4.5 ownz everyone…except for houdini.

put it this way, you know those animated movies (ice age, final fantasy, etc)? they were all made from maya. you guys watch football on FOX? those animations they have during the game are made from MAX. play warcraft 3? those beautiful movies were made from MAX4.

they both really balance each other out. i voted MAX because of ease of use.

I vote MAX too, 'cuz of easy navigation and such…

i dunno what max is, but i hate maya! its too confusing for me i was going through an hour-long tutorial on Maya to learn how to make a door, and just gave up half way through :smirk:

they mean 3DStudio MAX. surprised you’ve never heard of it, and yet know about MAYA.

I voted for 3ds max!
i just love it!
Easy navigation… and easy stuff…

i was going through an hour-long tutorial on Maya to learn how to make a door

LOL! OMG! Is that prog so complicated? never seen it?
in fact I’m beginning to get a felling that I don’t even wanna see it…

MAYA is not at all user-friendly. stick with MAX.