Discreet Plasma Tutorials

Hey everyone!!

This is my first time posting something here.

I’ve been a graphic designer for about 10 years in the printing industry now and decided to get into web stuff. Man… is it
different than print media. I mean working in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXPress, etc. is easy compared to getting something to animate on a web page.

But, I’m willing to give this stuff a try and I think I found a place
to get some help from. HERE!! You guys and gals are awesome
and really knowledgeable.

Anyways… I’m justing getting into 3D rendering and thought that I would try out Discreet’s Plasma, but I need a better set of tutorials than what Discreet gives out. Does anyone know of any books or websites that might have in depth coverage of this program.

I know that it just came out but maybe someone knows someone who knows.

Thanks alot!!:slight_smile:

Well I tried to find some tutorials myself by looking around, but there there is not a lot to pick from. One thing I do know is that the interfaces for plasma and 3dsmax are very similar. So I am pretty sure you could use most tutorials you find for 3dsmax for plasma. That is if you are looking for effects and how to make interesting objects etc. If it is the file size or issues of that nature that you want tutorials on, then I dont really have much help for you. I know they released a 150 manual with the product, but it was all basically tutorials. As for their reference material, they are the same books as you would get for 3dsmax

Hopefully that will give you something to start on while the web gears up and gets some of those professionals who use the software to make up some tutorials.

If I find anything else I will be sure to post it,


P.S - they finally released the demo… sweet… time to download it and give it a whirl.