Need some good ideas here

Hey everyone,

I am new to this forum, and hate to start out with “Sensationalism”,
but this is what’s on my mind.

Q1) I am a big time PS7 fan. I do all my design in it. Is AI-10 better for doing web sites? I mean I have my own opinion, just wanna know yours.

Q2) Has anyone heard of “Dark Matter”? This is supposedly the new code for Photoshop 8.

Q3) Does anyone know if Live Motion is gonna bite it? I mean are they working on 3, or has development ceased? I have scoured the Adobe forums, but to no avail.

Thanks for your ear!

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Welcome to the forum irishatkinson and you’ve posted some pretty good questions. I’ll try to answer them or atleast give my opinion.

  1. I’m a PS7 fan too, I’ve been using it for about a year now and it’s great. As for AI-10, I’m assuming Illustrator 10, I don’t see that much of a difference from 9 and I’m use to 9. As for if it’s better for designing web sites, I say it depends on what you’re comfortable and efficient with. The program shouldn’t matter, but the designer is what is important. You can have the latest version and still suck while someone with version 8 produces top notch work cause they’re use to it. As for me, I prefer 9 because I’m use to the interface.

  2. I’ve heard tid bits about photoshop 8 from an article, but I’m still unsure of it’s specifications. It won’t matter to me because I’m not going to upgrade right away, I like version 7 and I plan to stick with it for awhile.

  3. I’ve heard of Live Motion as well from my Flash teacher and he’s said it’s pretty good, but of course he’s a moron so I can’t trust his words. I plan on testing it out pretty soon just our of curiosity, but I’m definitely going to stick with Macromedia since the Flash technology was created by them. As for version 3 of LM, I haven’t heard anything about it either.


Thanks for your input dude. I appreciate it.

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  1. I’m a huge PS7 fan too! I eat, sleep and breathe PS7. I love Illustrator as well. I would have to say that PS7 is superior when it comes to website production. With the integration of PS7 and Image Ready, website production is more efficient than Illustrator.

  2. Never heard of Dark Matter… actually I’m not really thinking about PS8 because I have no qualms with PS7 (I personally find it has everything I need). But if PS8 is better with RAM usage…

  3. Live Motion… what’s that? :stuck_out_tongue: Are you suggesting I cheat on my solid relationship with Flash for that floozy!?

illustrator has it’s limits…

ps can pull off stuff illustrator can’t even touch… i use them both and i prefer ps hands down…

it does depend on what your style of work is and which one feels more comfortable to use…

i tend to stick with photoshop… especially when it comes to flash… some go for vector and use only illustrator… i have a few peers that do… in the end (as it’s been said above) it’s all about preference…

I love PS7 as well. I have used Illustrator 9 although I don’t own it, I really wish I owned SOME version of Illustrator. I have no problems with PS7 so I will wait to get PS8, but as Ren said… if the RAM usage is better… I might get it quicker. And as EG stated, its all in the designer really. And depends on your style, some things you can do better in Illustrator, and some things you can do better in Photoshop.

As for “Dark Matter”… its not the new language for it, it is Adobe’s codename for it. Just like Image Ready 8s code name is “Taconite”. Every product Adobe releases has a code name. I believes PS7s codename is “Liquid Sky”, and PS6s codename is “Venus in Furs”.