Display FLV, SWF via XML and ComboBox

Hey Guys,

I’m a graphic designer and I’m trying to do my portfolio of banner ads I’ve done (along with pre-roll video) using the ComboBox and XML (for easy file change).

I wanted to first load the menu labels, which I did, miraculously… But I have absolutely no idea how to get the items to load into the Flash file. Basically, there are three types of ads I’ve done:

a) A companion ad with a pre-roll video (so I’ll need to load an FLV and SWF and a brief descriptive text)

b) Just a regular SWF movie

c) A JPEG or animated GIF

The xcoord and ycoord in the XML file is supposed to be the coordinates for the empty movie clips as a container for the FLV, SWF and/or image file. Well, it made sense in my head anyway.

Can anyone help me with the next steps of how to get Flash to use the information to load the creative files? I’d really appreciate any help you could give me. Oh yeah, I’ve attached the files I’ve been working on…