Dj-Studios Community Needs Members!

Loyal KF member Dj-Studios has recently started his own community. I am the most recent member. xxviii is the only other member from KF bar Dj. I think as many people as possible should join this fledgling forum and make it as nice a place to be as here. Kirupa you owe it to Dj to join, he joined your community didn’t he? Everyone who reads this post should go to right now and sign up. I urge you all to support your fellow Kirupian. BTW, Dj didn’t ask me to do this incase any of you are thinking that.

:kommie: :p:

I joined…

Good for you. Now there are six members.

dj specifically said he didnt want to try and recruit people from here in a direct fashion - and generally this kind of post is frowned upon- might want to make it go away quietly.

He did? Uh oh! Okay maybe I should delete this then. Thanks pr.