New guy!

Hello all! I’m not actually new to, but it’s my first time in the forums. Some staff members here might recognize me. Right, Kitiara, kirupa and ahmed? :stuck_out_tongue: AnywayZ… Just call me Joey, guys.

DK Lounge is my website. I just released the fourth version last week. Comments are welcomed! And… if anybody is interested, I’ve got a small design forum. Please hangout and post there.


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KIRUPA!! Thanks for the warm welcome! :wink:

well…welcome man, have a nice stay! :wink: :beer:

loud guard voice alright, everyone back to their cells! Now!! ahem

Sorry about them, they get a little roudy sometimes. Welcome to Kirupa!

Hehe… thanks Stu! I guess you’re the funniest around here, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

So howcome do you know the terrible modsquad ?

EH? Dunno! :smiley:

lol. I wouldn’t say funniest…

Anyway, so you’re from Kuwait? Sounds cool, yet a little scary. I wouldn’t want to be near the Middle East right now, especially being an American and as white as snow(3/4 Icelandic, 1/4 Scotch… I don’t tan well ;)). Good times! What is your “specialty” when it comes to design?

[font=Arial Black][size=6][color=red]MERRY [color=seagreen]CHRISTMAS!!![/color][/color][/size][/font]


Welcome Demon… :}

lol adam :D!

I’m festive, what can I say :smiley:

Welcome to the best place on earth :smiley: