Do me a favor please

can someone post or send me a screen shot of a mac desktop with nothing on it? id be cool if you could make the wallpaper that default blue swirl thing.

thanks if anyone helps…the empty area needs to be 720x540.

here ya go :smiley:

omg that’s exactly what i wanted, thanks! did you down res it a lot? it looks a little grainy…

yeah, can I have another with it the biggest possible res :P, I’ve always wanted it…



Thought I had it and posted it, but realized it was a crappy version. I found the big version.

:frowning: still to small for my resolution, I guess I’ll stick with just never looking at my desktop :stuck_out_tongue:

no no. thats how it is. :stuck_out_tongue:

here ya go:

Thank you! I thought nobody would have it big enough :P, that works

thread recycle - can someone post a picture of the close/min/max circles for the mac windows, ie the picture i posted but with the colors and symbols.

thank you o so much

If you don’t mind me asking, what exactly are you trying to do? :pa:

I’d suggest checking out and looking through the screenshots. There are some nice ones with accurate high-res pictures. Also try searching through for some sites. I’m not sure if they’re still up, but I remember that IceMan’s site had tons of mac wallpapers, icons, and images.

im simulating a tutorial on a mac OS. it is for toshiba. it’s a tutorial for installing a network printer. all done in MX04. anyone have those buttons…?

could you just install a theme on windows xp?

download the free trial of style xp

and choose the “panther” theme (i think it’s the default one).


hey everyone,

i need some more favors of the same flavor:

[]can someone post a completely blank desktop like the one ive attached here; the minimum size should be 720 x 540.
]can someone post a ss of the choose button but with it lit up.
thanks all

I’ll boot into OS X Panther once i’ve finished burning this DVD… which should be in about 30mins… THen ill get u some screenies :slight_smile:

Ok, i couldn’t find a dialog with ‘Cancel/Choose’ in it…
but heres the other 2:

you’re a couple days late on those two, but thanks.

anyone else wanna sack up?:slight_smile: