Post your Desktops!

This is the place for everyone to show what is on their computer!

Please don’t post BIG pictures…

there was another post with this same idea somewhere but anyhow… this is mine

i like to keep my desktop clean :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, I was thinking about starting a thread identical to this…

Here is mine, doubt you’ll see anything like it :slight_smile: Btw, running win2k.

my desktop is a mess:geek:

i had to cut it down because it wouldnt all fit.
but i am using xp

Heya pall, that doesnt seem to work. Fix it eh? I’ll delete this reply when you fix :slight_smile:


Man I love that site… How did you get the pic?

how do i get my pic here. i trieds to do it as an attachment but it was to big

Dont save it as a BMP, save as JPG or GIF.

*Originally posted by morse *
**Man I love that site… How did you get the pic? **

who me? :pirate:


Yea, I love that site. I didnt explore for long, but I couldnt save the images.

i actually got the wallpaper, just didnt save a random image as wallpaper

(direct link)

Ok, much thanks man. We should get this thread back on track… Anybody else have some desktops to show???

I seem to go back to this image…

It’s been my desktop off and on for quite a while…


Interesting… Still havent see a desktop as phunky as mine though…

Nice bird rev.

Thanks. I took that photo over 20 years ago…

This particular desktop is utilitarian, since I just rebuilt the monster.



[edit]embedded it for easy viewing - as you can see I work off the desktop :slight_smile: [/edit]