Do you code in your free time after a full day of coding at work?

Do you code in your free time? what do you code and for how many hours? I personally try to avoid coding after work but have the feeling of fear due to missing out.


Mostly for this site! Either cleaning up something old that needs revamping or building a small project to then explain about.

My total time per day coding outside of work is probably 30 minutes max.


I code a bit some evenings, mostly for fun, though also for paid projects. Coding helps keep my mind sharp (or so I tell myself). In the daytime I do my actual profession, visual artist: Painter. :art:


I’ve been getting into algorithms lately.
I bought this book from No Starch Press called Algorithmic Thinking.
It’s basically competitive algorithm problems and the author explains them in C mostly using loops and recursion. Very interesting.
Once I’ve got a solid handle on Rust I wouldn’t mind trying to recreate them in Rust.

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I´m trying to reduce my time and rather focus on nature and cooking. It is tempting to start a new project but I try to limit that.

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How do you like this book? The reason I ask is that a publisher has been asking me to write a beginner’s book on data structures / algorithms, and I have been trying to figure out how to help close a gap as opposed to competing with existing books :slight_smile:

I red this one : Grokking Algorithms

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It’s kind of like a book of puzzles… you really have to evaluate every expression to understand how its all working but its simple enough to be able to grasp even though I don’t know much C.

It’s definitely not a beginner book.
If you didn’t know any programming language it would be total jibberish :grin:

I think for beginners it’s pretty hard to grasp a concept without being able to visualize it.

I think if you did a book with heaps of visuals it would be the ducks.

There’s a good site for visualizing algorithms -

That is the angle I’m thinking as well. Whether the book happens or not, I do plan to add more content to this section where the idea is to use more visuals to describe what the algorithm does: Learn Data Structures and Algorithms The technical/coding side won’t be a big focus.

(And whatever is in the book will be freely available on this section as well :P)

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Please take the book I mentioned as an inspiration. Grokking series are very easy and informative.

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I mostly don’t code after work unless I’m supporting someone in my group who’s in an earlier time zone. That’d probably change if I had a cool idea of something to work on.


I used to code a lot more in my free time, but less so now. Not entirely sure why… maybe back then I was young and full of more enterprising ideas? Or maybe today I’m just jaded and have come to realize how much time it takes to follow those ideas through to completion. Just thinking about it gives me anxiety. Not to mention if something you do becomes popular you’re stuck maintaining it… :shivers:

Alternatively, what I’ve found a little less stressful is writing or doing things like the Flowchart for JavaScript's this. A brain dump is good to help get your thoughts organized, gives you something for reference later on, and can be helpful to others. I’ve been meaning to do more, and even have some ideas for some new things, but gotta find some time to do them (why do I have so little time now?).

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Your diagram is impressive! It seems like you care a lot about the craft like many here. I thought it was only me regarding losing coding interest after work. I used to sit a lot in front of the computer and code for hours.

I’ve gotta say, you’re right up there with your JS knowledge.
You’re like that guy Kyle Simpson who wrote the ‘Do your really know JS series’.

Probably even better, do you have a book or have you been approached?

You should do a collaboration with @kirupa and do all the advance JS appendixes/ flowcharts and graphics.

I’ve never written a book, but people used to tell me to a lot back in the day… that was all for my Flash knowledge though, which isn’t very useful right now :doh:

I am the technical editor for most of Kirupa’s books :proud:


I don’t think that is healthy, we all need to take a break from everything so do something different to clear the mind. :slight_smile:

iş yerinde çok kod yazınca bir bıkkınlık geliyor açıkçası bir daha bilgsayarı bile [açmıyorum].

İşyerinde hangi dilde kod yazıyorsunuz?

I think it depends. If you code full time for a living and have any ideas for a side project you’re pretty much stuck coding afterwork, this may be a recipe for burnout but it’s hard when the muse is pushing you do build something new.
I’m always telling myself this next project will be my last for a while then something else comes to my head. I have two big side projects I’m finishing up then I hope to take a few months to focus on making more art.


@travis - What kind of art do you make? Anything you can share?

@steve.mills - isn’t it fun to pick on spammers? :stuck_out_tongue: (I deleted the spam link just to stop giving them the satisfaction haha)

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