I am tired

who else is?

japp :wink:

I am in a perpetual State of Sleep deprivation =)
Always have, always will be =)

So im tired. =) hehe

im not the only one.
i wanna go to bed. d@mn work. .:scream: only 6 hours left

Sadly… im here at work early… so my work day hasent started yet lol =)

i was early 2

but gah
im designing an xbox store, so me a little happy :slight_smile:

aww man! I wanted to do that hehe =)
I get to program! =) i love programming =)

boo on programming.
i took programming in grade 10, and i wasnt good, and i wasnt bad. but i hated it, badly.
and all my friend did was mooch my codes and then he got higher then me. and im like… wtf! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well yea that can suck, but when people come to me asking for programs they need its pretty cool =)

Dont get me wrong im also a graphic Designer type person too =)

I have the best of both worlds =)

(btw, it took me 7 years to understand programming hehe so it didnt come naturally for me)

i just cant be bothered reading and learning and stuff from stupid books. if i did, id be wicked at everything. :stuck_out_tongue: