Do you like these balls

what do you think about a whole site developed from a nice set of balls? my last site sucks… i gotta innovate!

Ummm… I’m not really feelin’ your balls. I mean, seriously, I’m not feelin’ your balls. rofl

I think they’re kind of cool but they alone won’t stand for a good design. How about putting you’re balls in your pocket and playing with PS for a bit. Forget about flash, 3d and all that jazz and get back to basics.

i for one really loved your balls

Yeah, I agree with the CanadianGuy in here. They do look kind of cool but they’re not made for a website.

i know guys but 2d kicked my ***… they will only be for a loader thing anyway… im gonna have **** up tomorrow for a new flash site that i wanna do… i cant stand the site i got right now, it isnt big pimpin enough… right to version 2 before version 1 is done!

Wait, so you’re gonna have these cool 3d marbles (tired of reading ‘balls’) in the preloader and then the rest of the site’s going to be crappy 2d?

Not that 2d is crappy, but after seeing 3d marbles I’m going to be expecting some more 3d throught the site.

i dont know… but do you ever till you actually do it? im thinking 3d layout also… planning ahead is too much work… i like just goin out on a limb

After reading your previous thread and now seeing these random balls as lovely as they are, i think you need to take a step or 6 back. Sit down with a pen and paper (a bit caveman i know) and design everything from homepage>tansitions>content. Your ideas wont be limited to what you can do in Flash. look at few Site of the week sites for inspiration and try to think what could have made their sites even better. Be careful not to copy or remake their sites, but you might come up with something innovative in design or navigation. Test colours together on screen and drawing/design styles. Look at fonts and maybe base a theme around that. Look at the fonts with the colours you have chosen. Once you’ve got a cool idea, really think about how you would go about making it before you make it. This always helps me, and i learned the hard way. Thats my advice anyway. Good luck!

Your balls are great.
Don’t worry about not finishing a site, I have soooo many 30% - 70% sites done that I never used, especially when I was just getting into Flash. What I did do is learn a lot from them.

Quality is way low. Sucks. I guess their alright, but an amature 3D guy like me could make that

it was my first flash site… my work isnt so much in flash but the other things i profile… im gonna have a .jpeg up here in a couple hours for a screen shot of a new layout to see what you all think… i gotta get cranking on it now… until later


Those are shiny balls!

kinda bad quality…i dunno…seems pretty tacky, i personally wouldnt use it.