My 3D showcase website

Please vist my 3D showcase website!\\rAnd can you belive that I am only thirteen!

I almost forgot!! My email adress!!\r[email protected]

I couldn’t view the site, it said it was down because of too many hits…AHHHHH!!!

thanks a lot( & swift3D). @#%$…4.5mb for ur site…i don’t think the viewer would like to take a cup of coffice, setting down there & wait…wait… & wait… also i don’t like ur design & font. i can tell ur not a designer, also I can see from the work shown that it looks like you’re still sharpening your web design/web art direction skills. it’s okay!! keep it up, i strongly believe u can make it). one important thing, i did bring good money in my works. \rTake it easy on the critiquing as well - i used just a week to learn by myself & built up the site, what do u think??

Well then. do you have some suggestions on how to make my version 2 site look more designer like? Maybe use bright colors, or keep it simlple or something? And by the way, how do you find that good music for your site? Do you make it yourself? If so, what program do you use to make it, cause it might be worth buying! :slight_smile: