Does ActionScript support pointer variables?

I am wondering if ActionScript has something similar to pointer variables as in the C language. I have a rather long reference to movie clips in arrays, and would like to streamline the code instead of having to use the lengthy reference every time.

An example of one of the lengthy references is: mainArray[x].item.mcArray[(lastUsed - 1)]

What I’m looking for is a way to assign a reference to the movie clip contained in mcArray[(lastUsed - 1)] to a variable with a shorter name (e.g., “mc”). This way, whatever I do to the reference variable will really be done against the original movie clip itself. So if I want to change the movie clip’s x position by 10, instead of coding mainArray[x].item.mcArray[(lastUsed - 1)]._x += 10, I could code mc._x +=10.