Does anyone else have to put up with designers like this?

I’m working front-end on this company, and we have this designer with no technical skills at all, who doubles as project leader.

I’m pretty new to this job, so I don’t really know how this stuff usually works.

He sent the senior devs a design for each page (in png format btw) and they assigned me one of them. I said cool, just gotta get all the pictures and logos used in the design and i’ll finish this in 30 minutes.

“Hey Mike can you send me the files used in this design please” “You can crop them out” “I’m not really skilled at image editing” “Well you gotta learn someday” “Ok thanks i’ll crop them”

Mind you the design included a photo overlapped partially covered by a textbox. I reverse image searched all photos.

Later he demanded that i make some elements larger (which i could not find with reverse image search)

Client is very unhappy with the poor resolution of the larger elements.

“Mike please can you send me just the larger elements” “No i cant, crop them out” “I already did that, but the client complained about the quality” “I don’t care, find the solution” “Ok”

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