Does Anyone Know How To Make This?

Would you please use the link and enter the site: The part I’m interested in is when ALL the circles fade in together across the whole screen on mouse click. Does anyone have the Actionscript for doing this or know of a tutorial or component that would help?

Well I can’t explain exactly how it could be done unless I tried to do it myself and then tried to explain it, but it does bring to mind this tutorial:

I imagine you could use the same idea where you make on mc and use it over and over…just modifying it to be the circle and have the effect they use on that site.

Thank you, sir, for the response–it was a great help!
Could you tell me why in many threads when code is left, I can’t view it–I only see the word “code” and a blank rectangle under it (where the code should be).
Thanks again.

broken link :frowning:

Awhile back Kirupa’s server suffered a major crash. The site was down for days and many of us had to be hospitalized due to major forum withdrawals. We formed many KA groups (Kirupa Anonymous), held hands, sang songs, and had lots of group hugs. It was the only way to get through it.

Anyway, point being that although Kirupa miraculously recovered the forum and all the threads a lot of the attachments were lost. If you find something that could be dire to your project the best thing to do is very politely ask the author if they could repost the code (if they remember - forum withdrawal does terrible things to the mind), or just start a new thread with a link to the old one and ask if anyone can help.


but that was today :wink:

what was today :h:

when he posted the link

Oh. I guess I was referring to this.

oh ok lol :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Macmar, you are welcome I hope that you get the circle thing all figured out. And no hard feelings but for the record I am a m’am not a sir :flower:

R you on a Mac using IE?

I’ve seen the same problem on IE on a Mac. Have to go into Safari or Mozilla to see the code that someone puts in a code box.

^^^^same here^^^^
IE :td:

Well, thanks everyone for all the info-my previous question on this forum got no response…must be lots of people here today. As it turns out, I wasn’t aware of the crash, and I am on a Mac. Jillymo, sorry for the gender mix up!

That’s quite alright, good luck with everything :bu: