i just noticed the banner at the top of every page. it looks pretty good. how long has that been there?=)

Where have you been Alex? It’s been there since the forum opened…hahaha j/k I think he added it last week or so. :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, you had me going. i thought Macromedia was giving me tunnel vision/ (-:

lol, stay tuned alex, it’s going to change again tomorrow. The colors will truly be random instead of from a preset set of 9 colors.

Kirupa :geek:

Where could i find all Action Script contents? like math. and others and what is each doing. :hangover: A kind of “View reference” but much more complete. I hope you understand what i want.

And also, a happy new year to all of you who participated in the making of this site and Kirupa. Thank you all.

Flash MX Has an AS Reference in it. Otherwise you can go to Macromedias Actionscript dictionary…

Is that what you wanted?

yup … that dictionary at the Macromedia site shoud do the thing. I’m downloading the site now. I hope i’ll find all that i’ve needed.
And sorry 4 my english if there are any spelling mistakes.
i dind’t even expected such a quick answer … but at your places is a little earlier than my time, except 4 lostinbeta, who i guess is german.
Thank you

hey aalucarD, are you the same guy from the NU?

Hmm … i don’t think u know me … i just sticked my nose out. I don’t know what’s NU. I’m Angel from Romania … if you know that … maybe u know me

no I guess not…

But it’s nice to meet you just the same :slight_smile:
Where did you get your name from? I am curious…

sorry 4 delay. I opened the reply but i forgot to write.
U get the meaning of my name by reading it from right to left. :slight_smile:

son of a…

I should have figured that out :slight_smile:

Yeah, I got your name the first time. I had a friend who was really into Castlevania and stuff.

No, I am not in Germany, I am in Philadelphia, Pa, USA :wink:

Oh yeah, and welcome to the forum =)

Does anyone gets upset if i’m downloading the site on my HDD to have it there all the time ??? I don’t have 24/7 internet connection. I only have night access.

Holy crap - happy downloading!!!

I hope you have a big hard drive :slight_smile:

(I hope that didnt sound like I was flirting…)

The site that i’ve downloaded has about 28 mega bytes
1400 files 92 folders
it’s the main site and the tutorials
it doesn’t have cause it;s an other site
and i’m waiting 2 c what u’ll say

Phil there are programs out there like Website Xtractor that can download entire pages in one fell swoop

i don’t think Kirupa minds you downloading the site aalucarD…just don’t hog all the bandwidth :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I would wait until kirupa himself says if it is alright or not.

You can contact his e-mail, which you can find at the About Kirupa link in the lower left hand corner of this forum.

yeah, don’t hog all the bandwidth - but it’s ok though; unless you re-download often hehe.

Kirupa :geek:

hey kirupa, can anyone pronounce your last name? how do you pronounce it anyways? i just noticed your new footer again…do you keep changing it?

edit: i also noticed you took out the flix section!! LMAo… (-: :wink:

edit2: you also added a users browsing this section thingy…i like!!

edit3: notice how i don’t spam? i could have created a new post 3 times but i chose to just use the edit function… :ub: :ub: i forgot what i was gonna say now…dam :frowning: :sleep: