Does Microsoft deserve its bad reputation?

Many people look at Microsoft as dominating and unfair, largely due to the majority of their programs using closed-source standards.

However I’ve been wondering if all this criticism is really due. On one hand, Microsofts use of closed standards for their programs hurts fair competition. On the other hand, well I don’t know. Maybe some MS experts can enlighten me on why closed standards are ethical.

A lot of people complain about how Mircosoft includes its own software in the OS to give its products an unfair advantage. Although I see their point, I doubt this is really a big deal since Microsoft does allow users the liberty to install programs at will on their own PC.

Another big thing is Microsoft billing their anti-copyright program “Windows Genuine Advantage” as a “Critical Security Update” (which is quite unethical).

I’m curious to see what others think about the ethics of Microsoft.

I am closing this thread since in the past topics of this nature have resulted in flamewars :slight_smile: