Windows Virus on Video iPods

Wow, that’s pretty embarrassing… they were shipping iPods that infected Windows. I wonder how that happened… :h:


Bill Gates actually used to work with Apple in the early days… So im not sure why Apple would infect a past employee’s own company’s produce

Microsoft still works with Apple: C:-)

I hate how Apple always disses anything not made by them. Your products got infected with a Windows virus, and you are upset at Windows? That’s like saying your foot got bitten by a dog, and you blame the tree you were standing next to for not falling on the dog and killing it and stopping it from biting your foot.

It’s not like they blamed MS, really. They joked in one sentence, and then in the following sentence, they took full responsibility. I don’t see why you’re so mad at them about that. Rather, you ought to be angry that they let it happen in the first place.

The act was embarrassing, but I think they handled it well enough. It sounded to me like they were taking full responsibility.

[whisper]I don’t care much for Apple iPods, so I’m not angry that they let it happen in the first place :P[/whisper]

Of course they had to take the full responsibility. It is 100% their fault (can you say MS had any part in this?) So if that is the case, how is it fair that they say they are upset at Windows? Joke or not, Apple shouldn’t imply (not even slightly) that it was Windows that did it. Competition is one thing, ethics is another.

[QUOTE=nokrev;1979905]Which snippet? They seem to genuinely feel bad.[/QUOTE]

Lawl at a corporation having legitimate remorse for something they did wrong.

I read somewhere on a magazine maybe Fortune, that they took it as a mocking gesture…

[whisper]i suspect this might turn out to be a flame war later on:P[/whisper]

Ya so upset they let it happen 9 months earlier in Japan

[QUOTE=tsj4;1984886]Ya so upset they let it happen 9 months earlier in Japan[/QUOTE]=o any proof?

I don’t believe it.