Does this happen to anyone?

THis is kinda confusing to describe:

In MX, when you have a gradient fill, and you highlight it, the mixer doesn’t “switch” to the gradient fill option like in Flash 5 so that you can change the gradient colors.

Does anyone follow what I"m trying to describe? It’s so annoying. I know FLash MX has all these great new things, and maybe i just need to get used to it, but sometimes I think FLash 5 interface was better. The palletes are annoying me, I had my own nice little layout in FLash 5 and I can’t get it that way with MX.

Sorry, just had to rant. THanks! hehehehe

Why d’you use it then? :slight_smile:
Still having a hard time getting used myself, start most stuff in F5…

good point. heehee.

well, i use it because i just think it’s important to stay on top of the latest versions -especially since I’m job searching…that’s a whole other story in itself…

…know some chapters of that story too, decided to read another book…:wink:
(means:stop looking in the webdesign business and start working elsewhere)

And from this point of view, you’re right to try and use the latest, but it’s no use having “know MX” on your resume if you don’t know all the latest scripting techniques, this is what’ll put you ahead of others; they all have lots of talented designers, graficwise, but are always looking for good actionscripters, if possible with php/asp/… & database knowledge…good luck anyway.

you are absolutely correct. I feel that actionscript is the way to go.

For all you expert actionscripters, could someone give me some insight as to how you “learned” actionscript? I am familiar with Java, so that helps a little with the actionscript, but does anyone have any advice as to how I could truly learn actionscript?

I"ve been doing tutorials and that helps a lot, but just wondering if there are any other tips or tricks…thanks you all.

I have found this with the gradient menu it is a pain in the rs. as for the talk about learning action script I would say get a book collect examples and play around the best way to learn is to do it, keep trying different things and keep checking the action script ref in flash.set yourself problems(tasks)and try to beat them. Also a guy who used to work with us said he was putting flash mx in expert mode and hand coding javascript straight in to flash mx. I havent tryed it myself, been to buisy, but something to look at.