Dog clue?¡?

who can make me a dog’s clue???hehe

i dont know the writting but is like the blue clue’s logo


:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean a paw print?

Has this thread been forgotten?

I’m still waiting to hear what a “dog’s clue” is… :stuck_out_tongue:

isn’t the paw pring a standard vector shape in PS7? Or did I download it somewhere…?

hm… never can remember…

In Blue’s Clues, the dog clue is a blue paw print, so I am assuming that was what was meant.

I don’t recall seeing a paw print shape in PS7, I will scope that out later tonight.

my sis watches that

yeah is a paw print:rambo:
i need it for a website i’m working on

I watch it =)

Haha, just kidding, my niece watches it :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

a dogs print is just three circles on one side and an oblong funny shape on the other. Just make one.

It is a default shape in Photoshop 7. You can view my attachment to see what it looks like.

They might have it in Photoshop 6, not sure.


i founded it on ps7

No problem :slight_smile:

i hate the new host on blue’s clues. steve was much better. i just dont think that salt and pepper can take the change.:*( i know i cant. i have stoped watching now. i even went through a Teletubbies stage. but now i am into rocket power and tech tv.


The new host is actually Steves brother :slight_smile: They kind of look alike as well.

But yeah, you are right… Steve was much better. My sister used to work at a day care center where one of her kids was like a 2nd cousin to that guy or something like that. She said Steve was forced to wear the long sleeve shirt because his arms are covered with tattoos. Just more useless facts.

hehehe, btw, could anyone draw a dogs bed for me, hehehe,

Ummm, A big circle with some poofiness added…lol.

Voila… a dog bed.

how can i do the poofiness??

i heard that steve ODed on drugs, thats why he left. almost dieed.:evil: