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How much does it cost to secure a domain name these days? Please tell me more about the process, payment, etc.



Yeah, that would be interesting…


fill out a form and your on your way, i forget the payment method, its been a while, all i know was i used credit card.

I use this one for all my domain reg, can use credit card & paypal.

Domain Registration/Transfer/Renewal Pricing
.com $8.95 per year .biz $8.95 per year
.net $8.95 per year .info $8.95 per year
.org $8.95 per year .us $8.95 per year

They aslo have a very nice control panel for you domains.

The process:

You order the domain.

You check your e-mail, you smile in the happiness of your domain.

You, then need web hosting for your domain.

You order web hosting.

You chnage the DNS servers on the domain, wait 24-48hrs.

Upload your website to your webserver.

have millions of people goto your new site :slight_smile:

i use =) they’re cool =)

what about for australians. cause i want to get a domain. does it just mean i will have to convert aus to us dollars?

yeah, you would have to pay the AUS dollars amount of the american price tag, if i remember correctly its something like
AUS 1.00 = 0.66 USA.

I’ve dealt with 60 different NIC’s, but is by far
the best one in every way. Check 'em out yourself.

Are all these different companies legit? How can they all grant unique names without some form of unity? Whatever happened to InterNIC? Just curious.

I’m looking at the GoDaddy page. What’s the scoop on the “Buy a .US and get the matching .BIZ free” special? With GoDaddy, do you have to use them as your ISP? Hmm, and speaking of ISPs, what services should a guy look for when you’re planning to launch a “hi tech” interactive site?

Thanks for all the information! Awesome.

i use just because they’re established and i trust them. we use at work so that’s probably also why i used it. i paid $35/year for my domain name. they also send you special offers throughout the year as far as extending the domain name, so that’s pretty cool. all in all, i’m pretty satisfied with them. they’re more costly than the other companies though.

I have over 60 domains for almost 2 yrs with godaddy, 0 problems. and at $8.95, you can see it’s way better than $35.

Godaddy allows you 100% control of your domain. They don’t tell
you anything you have to do with it. It’s all yours.

You must be rich if you have 60 of them!

i’ve used before too.

Do all these include free hosting too?

Because has free hosting when you buy a domain :thumb:

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Dexa, i checked out the InterNIC website two years ago when looking for a good domain. RegisterFly was on there. And TechTV picked the Fly over godaddy in that episode.