///don't be confused!///

hey everybody! its a me luigifan!

To be honest - its really me - mariofan! Luigifan will be my work handle - so you will know where i am with ease!!!

ps. footer will be here soon…

:m: mariofan / luigifan

Wow! So you’re at work now huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry. :wink:

GAH, more slave drivers (hides) ::points at title under avatar::

yeah, work… about time though - i can now finally buy things! plus daisy mai is proving rather expensive…

hehe… you´re quite the character, aren´t you?

nice one :stuck_out_tongue:


*Originally posted by Guig0 *
**hehe… you´re quite the character, aren´t you?

nice one :stuck_out_tongue: **

more like two characters :p. Hey mario fan, hows daisy mai getting on? You got any more pics to post?

she´s sooo cute! :love:

charming little girl you got there luigi…err… mario…err… WHATEVER!!!

i´m confused… :hangover:

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, shes coming on fine! she was 4 weeks old yesterday

aww :love:

can´t wait to have one! =)

its great - but its hard work!

just saw this and thought of luigi/mariofan for some reason. So long FHM…


I like FHM :frowning:

  • Soul :s:

FHM’s cool - I always read the blokes’ at work. :stuck_out_tongue:

i was wondering who it was! lol i saw it earlyer and was like its either mario or its a buddy.

So how’s it going at Auto Trader ? (Or is it Exchange and Mart? Can’t remember :blush: ) :slight_smile:

Can you get me a good deal on an Impreza? :beam:

its the autotrader/adtrader - and yeah its going fine! (but i cant get you any deals on a scooby doo…)


Rats. :sure: But cool for you. :slight_smile: Thought it was Auto Trader…

<b>Sulks as really wanted that Scoob</b> :stuck_out_tongue:

Kit can’t drive :P:P

  • Soul :s:

****, you got me…

That’s beside the point! :stuck_out_tongue: