This is a really rad site its a hybrid 3d/flash. really amazing animations

holy crap those animations are incredible


Very impressive! Although, some of the menus are a little hard to read… but the animation is excellent and I love the characters.

A-Phuggin’-Mazin’ :!:

…I have no clue if there is an actual purpose there … and don’t care

bookmark to play with later =)

WOW! thats amazing work!i only wish i could make something like that… lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I think we all do. However, it must’ve taken an amazing artist/coder and a fair bit of time…

But the result is excellent - although it does appear to be bloody random :).

all three guys have the same menu

****!! That is awesome!! :beam:

Wow!!! The red guy who turns into the tree is my favourite! :thumb: The lizard is cool too :beam:

  • Soul :s:

That was amazing…


nice, very nice.

woweee, rather confusing sometimes though, can anyone read the language? :slight_smile:

Wow, amazing … Check out too

Another company that was in the current issue of Computer Arts :slight_smile: (along with 2a).

oh my ****ing god! oh jesus christ! holy ****! (mariofan quits web design for good)


hey what’s with the name change mario? or is that your significant other?

its me! but its when im at work! (i had to register new because it wouldnt let me log on as mariofan for some strange reason…?)

but hey! at least you will know where i am replying from!


You need a new footer for luigifan, mario doing some work in your footer? :beam:

big ups to that guy.