Dont know if any of you have seen this but

…I thought it was hilarious :slight_smile: Email read as follows.

To My Darling Understanding Husband:

Before you return from your business trip, I want you to know that I
had a little accident while driving your precious pickup truck.
Fortunately, there is not too much damage, and I didn’t get hurt, so you
don’t have to worry about that.

I was coming home from shopping at the mall, and as I was turning
into our driveway, the cell phone rang. I answered it, and it was Sylvia.
She told me she was still at the mall, and do you remember that cute little
shoe store that I love? Well, she said they were having a “storewide”
clearance sale! I got so excited when I heard that, that my foot slipped
off the brake and I accidentally pushed down on the accelerator pedal! The
garage door is slightly bent, and the pickup came to a halt when it bumped
my car. Don’t worry, your motorcycle and you beer chest did not get
damaged at all!

I am really sorry this happened, but I know that you are so worried
that I could have been hurt in this silly little accident, that you will
forgive me. You are so kind hearted, and you know how much I love and care
for you.

I will be staying at my mothers for a few days, until the garage
door is fixed, so you can reach me there. In fact, why don’t you stay at
that hotel and play golf with your buddies, until I get this little mess
cleaned up-----I really don’t want you to have to worry about me, or the
garage door-----the nice young man from the insurance company is helping me
make it all better.

I will call you when it is all fixed up. I just can’t wait to hold
you in my arms again!

Your loving wife,

Photo of accident…