Don't understand

Hi everyone I hope i can get some help for this wierd problem:
I have finished a site that works perfectly on my home computer. This site has a lot of external text loading. On my home computer all dyn txt loads as it should, but up on my server, some of it loads and some doesn’t. When I check the directories on the server, all the files are there. All the paths look right. So my question is, why can’t all my dynamic text load on the server as it does on my home computer? It makes no sense. All I did was transfer my files from home to server.
One partial solution I found was that some of the dynamic text file folder names started with capital HTML_Class_1/infoBox…etc and when I changed to small letters, that worked for some of the dyn txt files but the problem still remains. Has anyone heard of a problem like this and have possible solution?
Thank you!


very simple your sever is a Linux based server and Linux is more precise with capitals…

I would imagine that the once that work don’t have capitals and funny symboles in the name of the file like:


The once that don’t work would look like:

Dear user-Spend10$_today.htm

of course you will have to change the code in your movie as well… Make sure that all the capitals and funnythings are gone in your movie as well as in the file name.

Try it, it works…


Thanks a lot! I didn’t about the case sensitivity of servers compared with local machines. That solved my problem.