Dynamic Text loads locally but not on server?

I have a set of buttons with LoadMovie and LoadVariable scripts on them, which basically load .jpegs into an empty movie clip, and external .txt files into a dynamic text box. (it’s a photo gallery of sorts)

i had previously saved the .swf and assets (the jpegs and .txt files) locally in a single folder on my hard-drive. I made a copy of this folder and put it onto a network server.

the weird part is that when i go to publish the .swf from the local folder (the hard-drive version), the buttons and everything work fine and everything loads as it should. the network version however, doesn’t seem to behave the same way. the jpgs load, but the .txt files don’t!. the version of the folder on the server is an identical copy of the local one. all the files are intact and accounted for. i don’t think it’s an issue of relative vs. absolute paths in the script either. i’ve already tried editing the script so that it targets the absolute file path of the .txt document on the server to no avail. i don’t understand what the problem is.

on a curious note, after i tried fooling with the network version of the source .fla file that i’m working with for a bit, it caused flash to crash on me. any ideas? I’m running Flash MX 2004 on a Dell.