Wha?!? trouble shooting help needed badly

Hello kirupians,

I have a weird question. I have some advanced dynamically loaded text and it works perfectly on my computer. When I load the files onto the server it doesn’t pull up the text…

So…what could be wrong here? I DO have all of the files uploaded so it’s not like it’s missing the key file or something.
If it helps any…
I am loading the text onto level6 in its own movie. I am using the following code:


Before I changed the ‘0’ to the ‘6’ it did the same thing it’s doing now… the text doesn’t show up but where it should start it says


But I’m telling the text to load on level6 so why is it not picking that up? Can any of you kirupigenious’ help me out? If you need any other info just let me know.

:love: Seretha

Hi Seretha,
I’m far from a genious, but I have had a problem like that before. Check the case on all the letters. I had a jpeg that wouldn’t load because it was looking for ‘.jpg’ and on the server it was ‘.JPG’. Hope it’s that easy.

me too…sigh…that’s not the prob. it’s all small case text everywhere…

Just for all of your future info… to fix this problem (in my case at least , take that ‘post’ right outta there. I guess it was interfering on the internet and now it works great.
A big thank you to myself, thanks for helping me out…lol

:love: ~ Seretha

good deal, cause I couldn’t think of anything else…

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thought that said kirupa-pigeons at first :stuck_out_tongue:

thas my 1/2 cent… although random… it is kinda funny