Dope 2006!

Dope 2006!!!
Coming very soon!!


:smiley: tight splash :smiley:

dope splash.


Looks great :slight_smile:

[whisper]I don’t think it should be made in Flash. ;)[/whisper]

Clean, yes… tight/dope/fly/jiggity, not really.

Looked nice … way to entice

looks nice, i just don’t like the green that you added into the rest of the site, that part makes it look unproffessional ;(

Why are you changing the old one, it was nice:)
I guess the new one will be too!

iluvdope. one question. what fr did you use for old dope (green)? higher than 30? really looking forward to it.

ok so we’ve had tight, and dope slash I’ll say…erm…sweet splash :slight_smile:

it’s wierd… If I click the link here on kirupa, the splash image opens in the middle of the page. If I then refresh the page, it appears in the down left corner… But

Simple and nice.

i know dope uses pixelfonts from the begining but in my opinion this is next in line to change. besides that its ok with me.

:stuck_out_tongue: thats great

A few things if I may :slight_smile: -

  1. Thoise pixel fonts are Tiny! - cant you use a differnet font like Standard_58 or something.
    2.didnt realise the lines were scrollbars
  2. The actual dope icon - is a bit too dark in realtion to the bg - this is your brand ( make it stand out)

Otherwise looking forward to the redesign :slight_smile: looks nice

:lol: you guys are lookin at the old site to those who are commentnig aabout the green site.

erm are you stoned simp? which is the “splash” page – cause the green ones an entire site – and if this aint the splash where is the link for the splash :slight_smile:

Damn im confused. puts joint back in ashtray

:lol: hmmm

tis what i was talkin bout :smiley:

whats the point of pulling down the working site that gets visitors is usefull etc and putting up a bloody splash with the link to the old site…
unless you really have got a new site nearly done which would be rare in this world of permanent splash screens :slight_smile:

Id say nice splash because it is but really this excersize is pointless IMO (unless the new site goes up in the next week lol) i’m a dope fan BTW so this annoys me more than it proably should.