Double Rollover in a menu


I am creating a menu. You can see what it looks like so far:

and this is the script:[INDENT]

function startClip(e:MouseEvent):void {
function finishClip(e:MouseEvent):void {
my problem is that I want to add rollover actions on the menu items and make them clickable. This has been impossible because there is a giant invisible button (called “hover”) that I have used to make the menu fade in when you rollover it and fade out when rollout… This giant button overrides any kind of button action inside the menu. Any suggestions??

Is there a way to make the menu fade in when you rollover it without using a button (I don’t the cursor to be changed into that little hand if it is not on top of a menu item, understand?)

I tried to be as clear as I can… If you have any questions, please let me know! I appreciate your help very much!!!


I’m not really experienced in this area (I’m trying to learn it myself), but I would recommend looking into the SimpleBtn class. I believe it lets you set states for a button without an event listeners. Of course, I’m not sure if it would work with the timeline development you appear to be using. I would look it up in the adobe documentation for more information.