Double semicolon (;;)

Hi everyone, i’ll kill two birds with one shot and introduce myself :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a novice flash programmer, and a HTML/XHTML, PHP experienced programmer.

Well, on to my problem, i have a client that brought a *.swf file to do some changes. The fla file is nowhere to be found (geez… backup your files!!) And with trillix i got to decompress it into a fla file and some AS files, but when i go to publish the flash proyect, it gives out an error on this line.

private function upandAway(C:\Documents and Settings\proyects\inmuendo\2009;;, C:\Documents and Settings\proyects\inmuendo\2009;;

(I think is pointing to this same file because this file is called, but it’s getting the route from the swf i think, cuz it’s not there in my box)
but the thing is I dont know that the “;;” before the filename are all about.

Please can someone guide me?