/ vs \

I inherited a mangled bunchof code that I am in charge of getting back working. Ans do far I almost got it but I think I have tracked down the last few issues to the .flp file (I think). When I view the project file in flash it views fine (the show up in the list). When I run the fla I get errors saying some classes are missing basically. So I open the .flp in Dreamweaver and I see some strange slashes. ./.\mx\controls\listclassess for example. I noticed the ./.\ and it didnt seem right. So I went back into flash and re-imported the files when I run it I get a different error, but now when I view it in DW my paths look like ./mx/controls/listclassess (notice the missing ./.\ and now back slashes where it used to be forward slashes). My question is for the purpose of this .flp what is the difference between / and \ and what does ./.\ mean. I supposed it means something like when html has this …/…/. ANyway any help appreciated sorry for the long winded topic.

(If you havent noticed we lost our flash developer recently thus all my flash questions :smiley: )