:::::download the internet!:::::

here’s the link to download the internet!!!

haha, that’s freaking awesome…
thanks for that…

That was great :!:

haha that’s cool. :beam:

lol that’s a good one!


I saw that at work the other day - pretty clever :slight_smile:

I like how the hard drive fills up on 14k :wink:

haha thats wicked cool:beam:


Ya phil i have seen it before. It was an add for a game. The idea was if you knew your file setup you would notice that it didn’t match the files being deleted. Of course you are is such shock how would you notice the differance.

yeah ive seen that one. did anybody see the error message that displayed “do you have a big p**is?” - if you tryed to click on yes (if thats…) then the yes box would dissapear, and all you could do to get rid of it was to click on no…:scream: