Windows XP SP2 Released

Hey everyone,
For those of you interested in giving SP2 a shot, you can download it here: A review and screenshots can be found here: [url=“”]

A lot of the features seem useful - especially the IE updates. I’m just waiting for XP Reloaded also :slight_smile: I heard that XP Reloaded will be a free update to current XP users. Wohoo!

I haven’t tried the SP2 patch yet. I probably won’t try it until school ends anyway.

You can download the final version of XP SP2 from Windows Update:

The support area for it:

Kirupa :block:

Got to admit it. I’ve had fewer crashes or lockups! I like it thus far. The firewall almost seems capable. :stuck_out_tongue:

I download SP2 a few days ago and installed it. My computer is mostly used for games and it used to crash every 4 - 5 hours or so… I havn’t had one crash! Not a single one! I prefare this to the mac now! :smiley:

I dont have any issues with SP2 so far, but Windows is unable to recognize my Antivirus Software. I have Systemworks Pro 2004, so Antivirus 2004 Pro is bundled, when I open the Security Center under Control Panel, Firewall and Automatic Updates are on, but next to the Virus Protection it says Check Status and under that it says Norton Antivirus reports that it is installed but its status is unknown, but my Antivirus is enable in the taskbar, its kinda weird that Windows doesnt recognize its status. Any suggestions on how to fix it so Windows can recognize it? Thanx for the help.

Artur - I have that message displayed next to the AV area also. If you do not get a prompt in your system tray urging you to use AV, you shouldn’t be too worried. I have NAV running all the time, and Windows says its status is unknown.

I discovered a very weird problem… when I installed SP2 I noticed my fans were going a wee bit haywire, well I never took any notice… It was a hot night- I thought it was obviously something to do with that… well anywho, few nights on all the fans were on full speed constantly (heat sensitive fans…) so I got the side off and cleaned it, made a differnence for a few hours then it just started overheating again. So last night I uninstalled SP2 just to see what would happen and as soon as I restarted all went silent as the fans calmed down.

I don’t get it though, normally when your computer is overheating its overheating because its working hard, so it then begins to slow down, but it wasnt, it was always running like it had just been switched on… very weird… has anybody else found anything like this?

Fiery - are you on a laptop by any chance? SP2 could have set your Power settings to be Always On, and that could have disabled your CPU’s speed adjusting feature such as Intel’s SpeedStep. In other words, your CPU could be running at full speed even when it doesn’t have to be.

I have not had the same problem though, but I guess that could be something to do with it :slight_smile:

Doesn’t sound like he’s on a laptop: “I got the side off”

Sounds like a desktop PC to me.

But are your fans normally hardware or software controlled? Did you have to install anything on your computer to get the fans to be heat-sensitive (Motherboard Moniter, Fanspeed, whatever)?

@ Kirupa I’m on a desktop so probably not and @ Gwing the fans just control themselves, theres no way of changing their speeds manually so I dun o whats going on :S

I have no idea what may be causing that then. I guess it could be some SP2 program such as the firewall that is zapping CPU power all the time while the PC is running :pa:

Yeah thats all I can think off. It sucks cause my pc was running so much better with it installed :frowning:

You could try reinstalling SP2 and “Ctrl + Alt + Del + End Process” any process that you don’t think you need. You can always restart if you kill the wrong process :slight_smile:

I tried doing that and it didn’t make a difference :expressionless:

Do you have a way of checking the temperature inside your PC using software? I found this program that helps control fan speed: You could try that program, but I would rather have it working without having to install a 3rd party program.

wouldnt it be better just to wait for longhorn, its coming out next year…

what exactly is longhorn?

Longhorn is the next version of the MS OS, and it won’t be out for a while. You can see some cool pictures of it here: The beta is supposedly coming out next year, but it will be 2006/2007 before it hits stores. So, don’t wait for Longhorn now hehe.

XP SP2 fixes a ton of performance issues, and you will be better of with XP SP2 for now. It is still a technical beta, so fiery - your problem could be related to it not being the final version :slight_smile:

Yeah… I guess I’ll find out when SP2 is officially released. Longhorn looks quite good… Maybe it’ll actually work the way it’s supposed to!

I know my other post was closed so I will post my concern here,

The only reason I reposted was due to the fact that Microsoft just sent us documentation explaining that sp2 (we are gold partners with Microsoft) which still hasn’t been officially released will have some major security changes. and that we need to test all our sites / apps that we have developed with the new version they sent yesterday, to make sure we make relevant changes so they continue to work, we have a month to do so.

The thing is Microsoft have never done this before ever they just change stuff and send documents they have never given prior warning, so naturally we all got worried.

I dont understand kirupa saying “rogue Active x controls” I mean the security settings have been stripping our flash movies out of pages before. and they have also stopped streaming media in our sites before due to the use of active x controls.

Just to add if you want to disable the local Flash-blocker (for want of a better term for when the new Internet Explorer blocks your Flash when you preview it) you should press:

Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Then scroll down and tick the option: “All active content to run files on My Computer”.

I don’t know the wider security implications of this though and there have been a few XP SP2 ‘scare stories’ recently:

Nevertheless I’m been using the update for a few weeks now and find it excellent. C:-)