Draggable mov. clips

hey all. i have 1 question. ok i know how to create the draggable clips for lets say menus and all that but my question is… how is it that some people make the draggable object seem like its laggaing behind??

please post an example site that uses this effect.

ok umm. go look at xpressive.com look at the hand clip the way its following the mouse(arrow).

not in the middle but lagging behind

hope this sample gives you an idea

WTH is that site ?? I still don’t see what you mean.
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jesuss christ!!! my bad. i made a mistake lol. instead of xpressive.com, put in x-pressive.com

when you move the mouse around a circle thingy follows the mouse but not on the middle, it lags behind

 onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
   _x += (_root._xmouse - _x)/7 ;
   _y += (_root._ymouse - _y)/7 ;

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ok 1st i wanna say thanks for the first time ya helped me but now i need more.lol.

i added the code and it worked fine but im looking for a way that when the page loads, it starts the lagging motion right,then when pressed a menu appears with what ever i put in the menu.

my problem is that i want it to stop lagging when the menu is open and to start lagging again when menu closed. ive gotten as far as it
1st getting it to lagg behind and
2nd opening the menu
but after that the menu also drags

hope its not too confusing any help appreciated
thank you


There has to be some sort of button somewhere. Just add

 on (press) {lag=0 ;}
on (release) {lag=1;}

Then in the clip :

 onClipEvent (enterFrame) {if (lag) {same as before}}

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