Dreamweaver and frames...help?

Please someone help me, I’m running out of time.\rI have 5 horizontal frames, the top and bottom are empty they are there just as buffer frames to center and keep together the 3 middle frames on every resolution. The 3 middle frames stay together just fine but not centered, either on the top os the screen or at the bottom when I change resolutions. 800 by 600 is centered and at 1024 it moves up to the top screen.\r\rtop and bottom frames are on % the 3 center ones are pixels.\r\rHELP please \r\rwww.thestudentcompany.net

When your in dreamweaver, the tables give the biggest difficulty. It sounds as though you are speaking of tables and NOT frames, ( I just tried to layer 5 frames in one box and Dreamweaver wouldn’t allow it) is that correct? Try this, they seem to have a mind of their own, take your cursor and move it to the very edge of the left of the tables giving problems. Clicking anywhere but than to the left will not bring up the boxes you need. Click until the properties box shows the horizotal and vertical boxes. Change the respective box to center, middle or whatever. Be careful as using this function for text or anything will affect other stuff too, just be aware it is a little quirky in my opinion. Did that help?\r\rpj\r:) \r\rOoops-I just tried that frame stack thing again and could do it. I am sorry I cannot help you. I tried.

view this\rit works\r\rthis the html code\r\r<frameset cols="" frameborder=“0” border=“0”>\r_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ <frameset rows=",165,165,165,*">\r<frame src=“5.asp” scrolling=“NO” name=“topFrame”>\r<frame src=“4.asp” scrolling=“NO” name=“mainFrame”>\r<frame src=“3.asp” scrolling=“NO” name=“topFrame1”>\r<frame src=“2.asp” scrolling=“NO” name=“bottomFrame”>\r<frame src=“1.asp” scrolling=“NO” name=“bottomFrame1”>\r_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ </frameset>\r</frameset>\r\ryou just have 2 change the hight of the frame rows and done\r\rGreetzzz

do I still leave top and bottmo frames with porcentage heights ?

Kamello-\r I was thinking about this today and was wondering what was preventing you from doing this, check out the template I made; This is a single table that should be able to serve all your needs and it is ultra simple, takes the hassle out-\r\r


\r\rI hope this is helpful-\rpj\r:D

HTML Comments are not allowed\rgdmn \r\rif you use the frameset thing like i display it here\ri’ll leave the <> for mr forum\r\rframeset cols="" frameborder=“0” border=“0”\r frameset rows=",164,165,165,"\rframe src=“5.asp” scrolling=“NO” name=“topFrame”\rframe src=“4.asp” scrolling=“NO” name=“mainFrame”\rframe src=“3.asp” scrolling=“NO” name=“topFrame1”\rframe src=“2.asp” scrolling=“NO” name=“bottomFrame”\rframe src=“1.asp” scrolling=“NO” name=“bottomFrame1”\r /frameset\r/frameset\r\ryou just change the “164,165,165” in the heights you need for the frames\rleave the 2 "" at the front & end \rthis way your browser will split the remaining space in 2 and place it in the upper and in the lower frame so that the 3 middle frames are centered\re.g. browser-height (800)-frame-heights(164)-(165)-(165)=306 – 306/2=153\rframe1 height=153\rframe2 height=164\rframe3 height=165\rframe4 height=165\rframe5 height=153\ret voila