Keeping frames to centre of screen

Hi ezboard

I have a problem. If you visit my site at and you are viewing at the default resolution (800600), the logo is centred. But when you change the resolution up, the logo goes to the left of the screen. Also, when you go into the next page where the frames are, in 800600 resolution the frames are centred but once again when change the resolution, the frames shrink and the page loses shape as you will see. Please tell me how can I prevent that, so when I do maximise the screen everything stays centred.


Ok Mike… maybe I can help.
First tell me how you are putting together the site (dreamweaver, frontpage… )

Then I can take a look at the code of the page that contains the frames… and we can solve it.

Kind of in a Jam with my work right now, so please be patient with my replies.

You can write to my email too.

[email protected]

Hi Oscar

I am useing Dreamweaver 4 and the name of the page is



Mike, the answer is very simple.

On your dreamweaver session, open up the mainfram.html which contains the flash that stubornly stays aligned to the right.

You will notice on the propeties toolbar that it the “Align” property is set to “right”. So instead assign to it “Browser Default” and simply deselect it, and again on the properties toolbar now click on the center align button.

You’re done.


Another way to solve it if in case you want some extra text underneath the film or any other extra stuff is to insert a table and size it to like 90% or what ever center the film and put in absolute middle, done.

Good luck

Hi Oscar

As you can see when you go to my site again is that the middle frames (pages) stay center but the end frames move away when you maxinize your window.
Why is this and how can I provent this from happening.
Also is the codeing right so that when I open my site it opens to it fullest.